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What Is A Simple Funeral?

What Is A Simple Funeral?

Death is for sure. It is impossible to escape it, and everyone who is born on this planet will die.

” Death is inevitable, but no one knows when it will greet us, so one of the most important decisions is what to do with the body. The last glance, no matter how many times you’ve met him, is always unforgettable”.

And while many people are not comfortable talking about death, it is important to plan for the eventuality of death. If you want a simple funeral, you can choose from a variety of options. You can have a celebration of life, for example, this is a simple gathering to remember a loved one who has passed away. If you are looking for farewell funerals in your local community, look no further than us. We at Farewell Funerals will provide simple funeral services to our clients.

What Is A “Simple Funeral Plan”?

Simple funerals are the most cost-effective death ritual compared to traditional funeral plans. A simple funeral is a well-attended service at a nearby cremation that does not require the use of transport. This implies that the casket would be kept in the chapel until you attend to honour their life. Simple funerals follow the same format as traditional funerals. However, they are substantially less expensive.

How Is It Different From A Traditional Funeral?

There isn’t much of a difference between a simple funeral and a traditional funeral; the protocol for a simple funeral is nearly identical to that of a traditional funeral, with minor modifications.

In a traditional funeral plan, a funeral director will oversee the entire death rite from start to finish. A traditional funeral director will be in charge of and responsible for all aspects of the service. Generally, traditional funeral procedures demand a large sum of money.

Traditional funerals seek to allow family members a lot more freedom. This also gives families options like when the funeral will be conducted, where the wake will be held, and how long they will be able to see their loved one. Organising a procession to the grave with family and friends, as well as arranging a hearse and limousine for transportation.

All of these things aren’t needed for a simple funeral. It is as straightforward as its name suggests. 

What Type Of Person Prefers Simple Funerals?

A simple funeral is a great idea for those who don’t want a lot of fuss and who want to keep their loved one’s wishes in mind. With a simple funeral, you can keep the funeral as simple as you want. You can choose a place of worship or a garden as the location, as well as a date and time. You can choose to have just two or three speakers or none at all. The same is true of the music. You can choose to have it played by a string quartet, or by a CD. You can even choose not to have music at all.

If you’re searching for a reasonable and traditional cremation or burial send-off with family and friends, but without the ceremonial additions like a beautiful casket or family car, this simple style of the funeral plan would be for you.

What Exactly Happens At A Simple Funeral?

Some of the things that will happen during a simple funeral are listed below.

  • If you hire simple funeral services, you will save money. The funeral director will decide when the funeral will be held, which may mean it will be held at an inconvenient time, such as on a weekday or early in the morning.
  • It’s less likely that the ashes or coffin container will be decorated.
  • There will be no funeral cars available for this service, so family and friends will have to consider making their own way to the service.
  • There was no flower arrangement on the spot, or there were only a few flower displays.
  • To save money on a separate venue, the wake would most likely be held at their home or a friend’s home.

The simplest and most common type of funeral ceremony is the simple funeral. Costs in Australia vary based on the funeral service. If you are looking for farewell funerals in gold cost, you can call us.

Farewell Funerals

Farewell funerals are one of the most dependable farewell funerals in Brisbane. You can rely on us if you need any type of farewell funeral service, such as simple or traditional funeral services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our farewell funeral services.

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